Who and how this project started: 


Alejandro Pellegrino (Alias ​​Pipeta), born in Argentina in 1973, enters the field of climbing together with his university studies (physical-chemical) which he abandons in the third year to dedicate himself solely to climbing. After a year of starting to climb, he made his baptism in the great walls of Southern Patagonia. The epic lived in those walls marked him with passion, influencing him a purist style. 

In 2005 he founded El Club d’Escalada d’Eivisa and has been promoting the sport of climbing on the island of Ibiza for more than 20 years. The school has been training new athletes and promoting climbing in all its forms, always under the slogan of respecting the environment and the sacred places where climbers venture.

In 2014, together with the artist and climber Karina Danchú Zeff, they created and executed the IbizaVertical Center, which promoted a healthy lifestyle where climbing and the arts went hand in hand. The center was closed with the Covid 19 Pandemic and currently they only provide outdoor activities.

At IbizaVertical you can take your first steps in climbing without having any experience or age limit (from 5 years). We offer climbing courses, climbing baptisms and guided outings to the rock for all levels and without limits, since its members are high-level athletes with whom you can learn safely.