Online Ibiza´s climbing guide: 




Red alert on the climbing routes of Ibiza! Almost everything is equipped with stainless steel. A2 306 is highly dangerous and routes with A2 shouldn´t be climbed since there´s a high danger of breakage of anchors. Routes equipped with A4 316 can also break. Oxidized iron is a way more reliable material than inox and there’s no record of breaks so far. Moreover, you can see the state of the Oxidized iron perfectly, unlike the stainless inox that does not appear to be so bad and inside is rotten!
For the moment have maximum precaution and if you have any doubts communicate to for information on the state of the routes in general.
Alejandro Pellegrino, locally certified route maker, and climbing instructor.


We have also created this page with the purpose of raising funds for the purchase of materials for re-equipping the climbing routes of the Island. Thank you for your collaboration
If you donate money please let us know by sending us an email at or a what´s up at +34 616923783
WE ARE NOW at 1080 EUROS !!


Many thanks to all who participated! Here a list of the climbing routes re-made with titanium and resin Hilti RE500:
Penyal del Águila- FADERS: 
  • Espada Damocles
  • Soy Papá 
  • Gloria a las Cadenas
  • Capitán Rainer 
  • Beto no Fumis
  • Lady Extrem
  • Ese Canto no se Rompe
  • Paren de Sikar
  • Piatzendance
  • Greg Inventor
Penyal del Águila- Pared Roja: 
  • La Trampa de Paco
  • Maltrato psicológico
  • Coyote
  • Velocirraptor
Ses Fontanelles
  • La Grieta
  • Changó
  • Odissea
Sa Pedrera- Es Vedrá:
  • Oso Ongi
  • Escuela de Verano
  • Billi Bond
  • Hunabku y perseveras y Llegaras solo tienen las reuniones de Titanio!
Sa Pedrera- Budha: 
  • L1, L2, L3, Wall Fighters
  • L1,L2,L3, Prisionero del Placer

Sector Siesta, Santa Eulalia del Rio 2019: 
  • Scratch, 6c
  • Costra Lactea, 7a+
  • The Tempest, 7a/7a+
  • Beat Charling, 6a+