This activity focuses on mental training; Distinguishing between rational fear and irrational fear to face and overcome limitations is the goal.

Alejandro Pellegrino directs and organizes the ideal multidisciplinary team to carry out this vertical therapy that varies according to the case to be treated. 25 years of practical experience, didactics, strategy, training and safety in climbing, provide the right context so that those who try these sessions feel the security necessary to transcend their limitations.

The fluid dynamics and combination that are generated in the sessions, allows you to feel an environment of confidence to work/overcome, among other things, the fear of heights or other fears with this intuitive method that he has created, achieving great success and effectiveness in resolving problems. The activity is individualized and focuses on the participant’s problem.

Many have already overcome their limitations and fears with these specific sessions, so we recommend it for anyone with or without climbing experience, as this therapy is available to everyone.

For more information about this activity write to us at ibizavertical@hotmail.com