IbizaVertical Center from its beginning has the essence of artists’ meeting point and athletes. It can be considered a “house of artists” on the island of Ibiza.

Pipeta & Danchú creators of this dream, IbizaVertical Center, are a couple who inevitably influence each other because they share among many things their greatest passions, art, climbing and music. When they develop their work together they create a fusion of sports and artistic feedback giving a new view.DSC_1877

They are very active people who channel their energy meditating while climbing in nature. Those moments of peace and intimate contact with the rock are the catalysts of energy in them,  inspiration that afer they dumped in the art study, music or in climbing itself.

Each one with their own skills and characteristics intertwine and drives all sorts of activities with the concept of bringing art to all actions of their lives. Pipeta sometimes merges wood, metal, glass, mirrors and many other materials, mostly recycled, creating sculptures that Danchú wrapps in a blanket of surrealist paintings.


El Barco (The Ship): 

One of the most interesting sculptures of Pipeta & Danchú is in a park at the town of Sant Antoni de Abad and represents a ship aground. It has 140m2 with a background painted by Danchú and also serves as a structure for sport climbing in a totally surreal environment which the climber becomes part of the work at times.


 Afro- Cuban Raspadura Drums and Surreal Mirror:

The Tree of Life: 

Project for a lifestyle: