Red alert on the climbing routes of Ibiza! Everything that is equipped with stainless steel A2 304 is highly dangerous and should not be climbed due to the risk of breakage of the anchors. We consider A4 316 equipped routes to be dubious and are not trusted because of SCC and SRB. We consider the steel material with superficial oxidation to be more reliable than stainless steel, since there is no evidence of breakage so far and they have supported significant loads during extraction in our tests.

For the moment, maximum caution and when in doubt, contact or for information about the state of the routes.

If you want to support this project that we have been carrying out since 2018 with your donation, which we will gladly receive. The material that we place for the free use of all climbers is very expensive, but it is of the highest quality. Our philosophy is to put the best to intervene less times on the rock, avoiding excessive re-bolting, deterioration of the routes and respecting the original concept of the original route setters’.

Many thanks to all those who in different ways join this cause, either with their donation or their work, specially to the group of Rebolters of Club d’Escalada d’Eivissa, who collaborate to maintain the safety of the local routes.

Here is the list of tracks with titanium and Hilti RE500 resin so far (there are more routes rebolted with titanium in Ibiza, but we only publish our work, because of rebolting style and because we use Hilti RE500 resin, which has the most longevity guarantee currently on the market).

Sincerely, Alejandro Pellegrino.


Founder of the project, TD3 de Escalada.


Black: 2018-2020.  Grey: 2021.

Penyal del Águila- FADERS: 
  • Espada Damocles, 7c 
  • Soy Papá, 8b? 
  • Gloria a las Cadenas, 5
  • Capitán Rainer, 5
  • Beto no Fumis, 5
  • Lady Extrem, 7a
  • Ese Canto no se Rompe, 7a+
  • Paren de Sikar, 7a+
  • Piatzendance, 6b
  • Greg Inventor, 5 (half trad route, bring trad gear)
  • Martillo Percutor, 6b
  • Manolón 5+
  • Die Knolls, 5c 
  • Variante Manolón, 5c
  • Kuklas (Titanium Belay Station 2021, Trad Route, Bring Friends) 5a
  • Rosegons 6c
  • Kenzie 6c
  • Entrada explosiva, A0 2p. 6c
  • ? 6a+ (between Piatzendance y Greg el Inventor)
  • Blancanieves, 6c+
  • Sum L1 6c+ (missing the 1st two titanium of pitch 1), L2 6c, L3 6c, L4 6a+
Penyal del Águila- Pared Roja: 
  • La Trampa de Paco 7a
  • Maltrato psicológico 8a+/
  • Coyote 8b?
  • Coyote extension 8b+?
  • Velocirraptor 8b?
    Zona de Recalentamiento:
  • Balto, 6a+
  • Conga, 6a+/6b
  • Game started, 6b
  • Game Over, 6c
Sol y Sombra (lado cuerda): 
  • Via Cortante, 5+
  • Fields of Gold, 5+
  • Over the Rainbow 5+
  • The other Side, 6a
  • After the Rain, 5+
  • In Rust We Trust, 7a? (galvanized steel bolts new route)
  • El Camino de Inka, 6a
  • Indalocodex, 7a+
  • Chrakra Line, 7a
  • Saharawind, 6a
  • Suspiros (galvanized steel bolts new route)
Ses Fontanelles
  • La Grieta de la Reja 6a+
  • Changó 7c+
  • Odissea 6c+
  • Entrada con Swing 7a
  • Olaf, 6b (2020, new route made with galvanized steel)
Sa Pedrera- Es Vedrá:
  • Oso Ongi
  • Escuela de Verano
  • Billi Bond
  • Hunabku and perseveras y Llegaras only has titanium belay stations
  • Gun Powder
Sa Pedrera- Budha: 
  • L1, L2, L3, Wall Fighters
  • L1,L2,L3, Prisionero del Placer
Sector Siesta, Santa Eulalia del Rio: 
  • Scratch, 6c
  • Costra Lactea, 7a+
  • The Tempest, 7a/7a+
  • Beat Charling, 6a+