IbizaVertical, a center for integral development of people.

IbizaVertical Center is a multidisciplinary space where climbing, arts and environmental protection are interrelated in order to collaborate with the integral development of individuals. This new space was officially opened on Saturday 29th of March, 2014 .

This space counts with the Club d’Escalada d’Eivissa and the Balearic Mountain and Climbing Federation Headquarters.

Hello everyone! from August 27th to October 3rd IbizaVertical Center will be closed. We will be on an expedition at the natural park of Yosemite, California. The idea is to climb a mythical route of the Capitan and make a film/short film about the philosophy and the unwritten rules of climbing. The participants at this expedition are Alejandro Pellegrino, Joshua Janssen, Mehdi Allam and Karina Danchú .

If you want you can contact via email 🙂 🙂

I take this opportunity to show what we have been doing this summer: https://www.facebook.com/Ibiza-Climbing-930632150323327/

And the last video of our beloved Master Alejandro ” El Pipeta “: https://www.facebook.com/mehdi.allam.22/videos/10153681358326727/