a center for integral development of people


Through climbing unique experiences happen, the contact with nature, self-knowledge , leadership skills and teamwork… in short, allowing you to see life with an entrepreneurial and with a respectful vision. In this way , climbing helps the individual as an athlete and as a person.
IbizaVertical Center is a multidisciplinary space where climbing (in all its modalities), visual arts and environmental protection are interrelated in order to collaborate with the integral development of individuals. This new space was officially opened on Saturday 29th of March, 2014 .
This space counts with the Club d’Escalada d’Eivissa and the Balearic Mountain and Climbing Federation Headquarters.
You are welcome to visit our vertical blog: http://ibizavertical.com/en/ibiza-vertical-center/actividades-alternativas/



Preparando bloques para el sábado 17! niños de la Escuela de Escalada IbizaVertical y residentes de Sant Josep entrada gratuita (con certificado)! para no residentes 5 euros.

niñ@s hasta 10 años: 10:30 a 11:30 horas
niñ@s 11 años en adelante: de 12:30 a 13:30 horas
adultos: de 19:30 a 22:00 horas

Saludos y buenas fiestas